How about now?

It had been nearly two years since we purchased our land and the plan was to wait another three years before we started the building process, but five years is a long time to wait to build your dream house. We decided that maybe we should consider building sooner and now might be the right time. Our son was just finishing up 8th grade and would be starting high school in the fall. I’d been at my new job for more than a year and if we sold our current house in this hot market, we’d probably have enough money to make the dream a reality. We decided it was worth looking into and contacted a lender to see if we were right. She agreed that we could make it work, so the next step was to find a builder who could do it.

We reached out to Bud & Claire to set up a meeting because they were both so helpful with the purchase of our land and we knew they built a number of homes in the area. They let us know that they were retiring from building new homes, but they had teamed up with Derek and Dan from Best Custom Homes to work with clients who wanted to build. They talked to us about the building process and suggested that we get started with an architect. They gave us some architect referrals and some information from Derek on his current projects. They also encouraged us to set up some home tours with Derek to see what kind of houses they build.

On the way out of the office, we noticed the artwork on the wall featuring a cabin in the woods of Wisconsin – obvious by the Packers fans sitting on the porch. We’re cheeseheads too – it must be a sign that we are on the right track!

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