Project Timeline

We had dreamed of owning some acreage in Colorado for quite some time before finally deciding to purchase 2.3 acres in a small town just outside of the Denver metro area. Our original plan was to wait about 5 years before starting to build, but life presented an opportunity to start sooner, so we took it!

It was a long process – more than 2 years from when we started the planning and more than 1 year from when we started construction. We broke ground on March 8th and received our Certificate of Occupancy on July 2nd of the following year. We never thought it would take quite that long, but we are happy to finally have our dream home in the mountains.

Construction Timeline

Land Purchase – Apr 10, 2015

Groundbreaking – Mar 8, 2018

Dried In – Jan 4, 2019

Certificate of Occupancy – Jul 2, 2019

  • Custom Wood Closet Shelving – 1 week (DIY)
  • Garage Shelving – 2 days (DIY)
  • Barn Doors – 1 week (DIY)
  • Asphalt Driveway – 1 day
  • Exterior Landscaping (coming soon)
  • Gutters (coming soon)
  • Window Seat (coming soon)