Roof trusses battle 100+ mph wind

Our roof truss pack was delivered in early November and Evergreen Crane arrived on the 7th to help place most of the main level roof trusses. There was a lot of progress in a short amount of time with the crane available to do all the heavy lifting. We were also able to get our propane tank delivered and placed in the hillside while the crane was on site. It took about a week to get most of the sheathing put on the installed trusses and another couple of weeks to complete the soffit and fascia framing around the outside of the roof.

The team also installed the vaulted great room trusses and braced everything up. Then we had a huge windstorm over Thanksgiving weekend that blew down 6 large trees on our property and the great room trusses that hadn’t been sheathed yet. We had trees uprooted and hanging in the road and trusses dangling in the great room. Luckily, none of the trusses were actually damaged and the crew got them all up again in a day. After that, they didn’t waste any time getting them sheathed and building the large window wall to support the roof structure to avoid another incident.

Hopefully we can get the roof dried in soon, so we can install the windows that should be arriving any day now.

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