Site evaluation with Douglass Engineering

Glenn Douglass from Douglass Engineering came out to our site to do an evaluation and offer his services as a civil engineer. He walked the site and took some angle measurements along our proposed driveway location. After marking off a couple of sight lines, he told us that it would be better to bring the driveway in from the North corner instead of the East corner as we had planned. It was hard to visualize his thought process because it always seemed much easier to us to bring the driveway in from the East. He explained his reasons and Derek confirmed his confidence in Glenn’s opinion. Of course this change would have a huge impact on our drawings – we’d need to relocate the garage and determine what else would need to be changed as a result.

Ultimately, we trust Glenn’s experience, so we’ll move forward in this new direction and he’ll get started on our grading plans as soon as he gets back from vacation in a couple of weeks.

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