The water well to China

Now that the driveway finally provides access to our lot for big machinery, we are able to start drilling for mountain gold – otherwise known as water. James Drilling moved in their equipment in preparation to start drilling when they had an unexpected mechanical failure. It took a few days to get the parts they needed and the repair completed before they were back at it.

After the first day of drilling, they were down to 850 feet and were only getting a small trickle of water. This was troubling news for us because our well budget was based on hitting water at 700 feet. Every additional foot deeper would cost us more money. They continued drilling the next day and finally found a good source of water after reaching 1,052 feet! Ultimately, we were glad they found water so we can continue building our dream home, but we are now running a whopping $8,000 over budget on our project and we are just getting started 🙁

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