We’re diggin’ the foundation

Bob Grapes made short work of the foundation excavation. It took him less than a week to dig out the footprint for all the footers and piers. Luckily he only ran into a little resistance from one of the large rocks on our land, which he took care of with his industrial sized rock hammer. As it turned out, we didn’t have to do any dynamite blasting for the septic or the foundation. That was one of the big unknowns and a real threat to the overall budget. Now we can breath a little easier until it comes time to back-fill the foundation. We can already tell that we are going to need even more fill than we’ve already brought to the site, and you’d be surprised by how much dirt cost these days! Until then, we are excited to see the foundation take shape as Toma Construction Services mobilizes to install the forms and pour the concrete.

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