We’re finally ready for framing

It’s been a long road to get to this point, but we’re finally ready to start framing the house. Grapes and his crew brought in another 69 loads of dirt to complete the backfill around the house and inside the foundation walls for the basement and garage slabs. With the backfill in place, Copperhead Plumbing came out and made short work of installing all the underground plumbing pipes in a single day and passing inspection the next day. To stay on track, the Toma Concrete crew spent a Saturday morning over Labor Day weekend backfilling the plumbing trenches, installing the slab insulation with vapor barrier, and starting the rebar grid.

After the holiday weekend, Brant Electric added the in-floor electrical outlet conduits and connected the construction meter. Then, Metro Solar only took a couple of days to route all of the radiant heating tubes for the lower level and have them inspected as well. With all of the underground mechanicals in place, the Toma team came back out to pour the large concrete slabs. After curing for a day, they added the control joint cuts and now we have to wait about a week to get our first lumber delivery to start framing!

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  1. Nan Sansone says:

    Just amazing! Love following your construction. We should be moving in the next couple of weeks so a few months ahead of you. For you I wish a better budget management experience than we had! So many decisions were made based on the “might as well go ahead and do it now” criteria. Theoretically our next build will be a pine box – so might as well go ahead….

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