Shiver me timbers

To fully realize our vision of a timber frame home, we needed to make sure we had exposed timbers throughout the interior of the house.

The framing crew stayed onsite while all of the mechanical systems were being roughed in to construct and lift all of the heavy interior timber accents. They created classic exposed timber trusses in the great room and hung timber ceiling grids in the dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, and rec room. We also had them create a number of timber framed doorways in areas throughout the house. These timber elements really added to the overall character of the house and should compliment all of the planned stonework to create that old timber frame lodge look we’ve been chasing.

The crew finished up some of the interior soffits, including the kitchen hearth that will be covered in stone while they were on site. They also installed the exterior tongue and groove soffits around the house and under the covered decks. This gave us a pretty good preview of what the interior ceilings would look like when completed.

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