Walls, sweet, sweet walls

After looking at the framing for so long it was such a good feeling to know that our walls would be covered soon once insulation began.

We used a combination of spray foam, batts, and blow-in insulation products to make sure we were protected from the cold winters at nearly 10,000 feet in elevation. The spray foam insulation added to the overall costs, but we felt it was worth it since it would help protect us from the extreme wind we get sometimes. We tried to be strategic about using it on the exterior walls and used more cost effective batts in other areas. We are hoping that the insulation upgrades and or solar powered radiant heat will help keep our propane usage in check during the cold winter months.

With the insulation installed in about a week, the drywall crews moved in and finally started creating some room definition with the long awaited drywall. The house really transforms at this stage with every room taking shape and the interior becoming much brighter. The crew had all the drywall hung in a week and spent another week adding a mostly smooth hand troweled finish to the walls and ceilings.

Of course there are still a lot of uncovered walls and ceilings waiting for wood finishes, but for now we are going to enjoy our drywall before we have to get to work and add some of those other wall finishes ourselves.

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