Laying tile

The tile installers started laying tile by mid May after many months of us selecting and re-selecting just the right tile.

We probably went through the tile selection process four or five times if you count our selections very early in the building process. As we picked other finish materials, we started to get a clearer picture of the tile that we wanted throughout the house. To fulfill our vision, we had to go out on our own for the tile selections in our master bathroom.

Against all the advice on the message boards, we purchased our polished porcelain marble master bathroom tile from Floor & Decor. We were worried about broken tiles and poor quality from all the horror stories we heard, but we didn’t have any of those issues. During the install we found one box of tile was the wrong color, but all of the other boxes were intact and looked beautiful when installed. The worst part of the experience with Floor and Decor was getting the tile home. We decided to pick it up ourselves in my truck. We didn’t realize that 40 boxes of tile was way over the recommended weight limit for the truck. Needless to say, it was a very slow harrowing drive home up the mountain.

We got the rest of our tile from Denver Flooring and Finishes, including the natural slate for the entry, porcelain slate for the guest bathroom, and the real copper accent tiles for the kitchen backsplash and guest bathroom niche. All of the main tile was installed by the end of May and really looks fantastic.

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